Things change one step at a time…you just have to get started.

A few months ago we would never have thought that we would find ourselves telling the story of our own company.

Only a year ago we made an important decision, one of the most important of our lives: it involved creating something based on our values, relying solely on our own strengths.

And so it was that in the middle of a pandemic, we quit our jobs to found Learnable. What was our idea? 

For years, working in research and development of innovative educational methodologies in different companies, we have seen wonderful educational ideas remain unexploited. Shelves and shelves of unused educational projects.

We wanted the chance to change things, to impact on education systems making them more engaging, fun and effective. 

In the last few years, disruptive technological and social changes have taken place. This has led to a rethinking of European education systems. 

We have seen lost teachers and educators, disengaged and underperforming learners and outdated methodologies and tools. 

But we have also seen passionate people, teachers and trainers working hard to support this transition, innovate educational practices and create communities.

Being inspired by those people, we have founded Learnable.

Since then, we have worked tirelessly, dedicating every second of our time and energy to this project.

And in the end, we managed to achieve unhoped results: to lead the first Erasmus+ projects, join inspiring European networks and plan actions for supporting educational institutions of our territory.

Nobody can succeed alone. Our network has been fundamental for motivating and inspiring us.

For this, we would say thank you!

Things change one step at a time…you just have to get started.