The UX FOR TEACHER Assessment Tool is the first project result that provides new digital skills and competences for secondary school teachers to assess and enhance their digital materials, activities, and environments, taking into consideration accessibility, inclusivity, effectiveness, and engagement levels.

The Assessment tool can assist teachers in analysing students’ perceptions and creating more engaging digital materials.

The document is divided into two main sections:

  • Section 1: Recommendations for Teachers
  • Section 2: Questionnaire for Students

How to use it?

    The Recommendations for Teachers are based on a qualitative and quantitative study conducted by the UX FOR TEACHER partners in their respective countries (Italy, Spain, and Bulgaria). Secondary school teachers can use these recommendations to evaluate the digital materials and environments they intend to use in class.
    Subsequently, secondary school teachers can improve their digital materials based on self-evaluation using the UX FOR TEACHER Recommendations.
    The final step is to collect feedback from students through the UX FOR TEACHER questionnaire. The questionnaire focuses on students’ experiences with digital educational materials or environments and aims to analyse five different elements: interactivity, usability, design, accessibility, and efficiency. The results can be valuable for understanding students’ perceptions and improving materials accordingly.

Here is the English version. The document will soon be translated into Italian, Spanish, and Bulgarian languages.

If you have any suggestions or changes to the document’s contents, please email us at the following address:

Enjoy reading!