The first draft of the B-Skills Simulator was produced. The second result of the B-Skills project is a game-based online simulator reproducing in a visual way how Blockchain works.

The main purpose is to allow adult learners to understand in a simple way complex concepts related to Blockchain providing an accessible and motivating environment to promote adult learners’ engagement.

The B-Skills Simulator specifically focuses on the financial aspects of Blockchain, particularly in relation to cryptocurrencies. It serves as a guide for adults, teaching them how to conduct secure transactions within the realm of Blockchain, thereby equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills for safely managing everyday transactions.

The online game simulator is structured across three levels, strategically designed to facilitate a gradual comprehension of cryptocurrency usage, aligning with the user’s learning pace.

You can check out the English version using this link. Translated versions in the partnership languages will also be released shortly.

If you have any suggestions or changes to the contents of the Simulator, please write to us at the following email address:

To discover more about the project, visit the official website.

Enjoy the reading!