How to write an Erasmus+ project in practice

From the project idea to the submission

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€ 450,00


5 days




6/10 November 2023

13/17 May 2024




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  • Europass Mobility (on request)
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Learning Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge about the European Union’s main programmes in various sectors.
  • Identify the features and novelties of the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027.
  • Learn how to find information on available funds and how to use European databases.
  • Develop practical skills in creating and presenting a project idea (Analyze EU priorities, problems, objectives, results, and impact when formulating a project idea).
  • Familiarise oneself with the official websites of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.
  • Comprehend the eligible criteria for KA1 projects.
  • Learn effective strategies for finding hosting centers/schools.
  • Understand the process of KA1 accreditation review.
  • Develop skills in creating effective proposals for KA1 projects.
  • Gain knowledge of the eligible criteria for KA2 projects.
  • Develop skills in creating effective proposals for KA2 projects.
  • Properly use the online form for the project submission

Participant profile

The course is suitable both for those who have already had their first experience with Erasmus+ projects and for those who want to start from scratch. The latter should pay particular attention to the pre-course materials.

The course can be attended by teachers and school staff involved in Erasmus+ projects, professionals wants to develop their skills in writing EU projects, organisations, associations and NGOs trying to enter in the Erasmus+ world.




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How to write an Erasmus+ projects in practice

  • European Institutions and how they work
  • The European Union’s main programmes in different sectors (research, culture, environment, rural development, SMEs, social policies…)
  • Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027: features and novelties of the next Multiannual Financial Framework
  • How to find information on available funds and the use of databases for building a project

  • Pre-course: Q&A section
  • Drawing up a project idea: analysis of EU priorities, problems, objectives, results and impact
  • Practical work: create and present your project idea
  • Open discussion

  • Official website (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps)
  • Eligible criteria
  • How to find hosting centres/schools
  • KA1 accreditation review
  • KA1 project review (based on an approved KA1 project)
  • Online form for the project submission

  • Official website (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps)
  • Eligible criteria
  • How to create the partnership
  • KA2 project review (based on an approved KA2 project)

  • Online form: how to fill-in an Erasmus+ online form

  • Open discussion
  • Half-day excursion (visit a winery and the city of Urbino)

The average total number of hours per day is 5 (25 hours in total).

Leisure activities after the training session are optional and can be also organised on request.

Minimum 10 participants, maximum 20 participants.


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The course methodology will foster active participation, pro-activity, responsibility and sharing of all participants involved.
The training sessions will be based on practical information and tips for effectively submit a project proposal. The needed theoretical knowledge will be transferred during the pre-course period and summarised during the course.


The course is supported by an international team of experts in writing and managing EU funded project, in particular Erasmus+ project.The coordinators and main trainers of the course are Marica Sabbatini and Giulio Gabbianelli, co-founders of Learnable. They were involved in more than 90 EU funded projects (mainly Erasmus+) written and managed by them.

Participation fee

This course can be funded with Erasmus+ KA1 grants.

In line with the official Erasmus+ Programme guide and rules, the participation fee covers the following services and is calculated as follows:

- Validation of learning outcomes: € 50,00
- Course fee: € 80 x number of training days (e.g.: € 400 for 5 days). It includes organisational support: professional preparation, monitoring and support during mobility.


Trainers will be available for any further questions or support for a period of 5 months after the end of the course, either through e-mail, virtual classroom platform, individual Skype calls or telephone