Discover the 2022 Erasmus+ KA2 application e-form - Free Online webinar

Discover the 2022 Erasmus+ KA2 application e-form

After we published the article on how to design the work packages, many of you contacted us asking for more information about the new KA2 application form.

In a very short time, we have decided to produce a free of charge online webinar with videos describing each section of the new application form and providing useful tips and resources.

The access the online webinar “Discover the 2022 Erasmus+ KA2 application e-form” you need to register until 17 January. We have limited the period for the subscription because we would like you to give value to the information we have included, so as to access the online webinar.

After that, the registration will be closed!

We really hope this will be useful for you! And why not, maybe we will find ourselves working together.

If you want to have more information about the online webinar, you can access the dedicated page by clicking the button below.