Discover the 2022 Erasmus+ KA2 application e-form

Learnable is committed in innovating education.

We have been involving in EU projects for more than 15 years and we had the chance to participate in more than 80 EU projects.

We would like to freely share with all of you our expertise in order to create a community supporting the development of the European education ecosystem.

We have created different videos for each area of the KA2 application form 2022 describing the contents requested and some tips based on our experience.

They are absolutely FREE.

Our intention is to share useful information and start creating a community for the development of the European Educational Ecosystem.

free videos and contents

Contents of the videos

For every section you will find contents, tips and extra resources.

  • Introduction and Participating Organisations
  • Relevance
  • Partnership and Cooperation Arrangements
  • Impact and Summary
  • Project design and Implementation

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