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The first draft of the B-Skills Toolkit was produced. The first result of the B-Skills project provides educators with supporting materials and tools, necessary to implement, support, manage and assess effective training on blockchain for adult learners.

B-Skills Toolkit can be used by organisations, trainers, or educators in need of planning and implementing a basic training course on Blockchain for adult learners. You can be an expert in adult education methodologies aiming at finding specific resources on how to improve your training offer or you can be a professional working in Blockchain technology that wants to understand how to train adults on this topic.

It is designed for giving you a very short and practical overview of the main principles for every section and some resources for going in deep on the different topics.

You can check out the English version using this link. Translated versions in the partnership languages will also be released shortly.
If you have any suggestions or changes to the contents of the document, please write to us at the following email address:

To discover more about the project, visit the official website.

Enjoy the reading!