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Two Minutes Tuesday - tool#1 - Save time with our automatic timesheet template for Erasmus+ projects

With the “Two Minutes Tuesday – Tool” articles we want to share with those of you who are actually managing Erasmus+ projects some tools that can make the work easier.

As you know, timesheets are very important for monitoring the project costs and must be provided as supporting documents to your National Agency in case of auditing.

Coordination and management of an Erasmus+ project can be complex and having the right tools can make the difference. For every project we managed we used to spend a lot of time describing to non-expert partners how to fill-in timesheets.

Regardless of the time spent in presenting to project partners how to properly fill in the timesheets, there were a lot of mistakes and doubts.

Most of the mistakes were about what kind of activities are to be included in timesheets (please, don’t include dissemination activities in timesheets!), the appropriate daily rate and staff category.

Then we decided to create our own template with the aim of reducing errors and mistakes. Here is an automatic spreadsheet which will help you manage the project costs in a more efficient way. You can easily adapt it to your needs and context!


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