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The first draft of the MakeMyFuture Modules was produced. The second result of the MakeMyFuture project provides a maker-based training path for VET students aiming to support the achievement of advanced digital competences in line with the Profiles previously identified by the R1 MakeMyFuture Competence Framework.

The partnership mapped the profiles highlighted in the Competence Framework with the technologies and activities used by the Fablabs, in order to select the most relevant profiles that could be implemented with the Making approach in the different partner countries.

The partners selected the following 4 profiles:

  • Profile 1 Additive Manufacturing technician
  • Profile 2 CNC operations technician
  • Profile 3 CAD/CAM Technician
  • Profile 7 Robot machines technician for Industry 4.0

Based on this, the training path has been designed, structured into modules in order to gradually align the learning outcomes of VET students with the advanced digital competences required by Industry 4.0.

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The modules have a clear framework describing timing, type of activity, tools and materials needed, steps to be implemented, assessment methodology and skills, knowledge and competences acquired. It combines a knowledge/theoretical component with original hands-on activities based on the main digital technologies used by Fablabs and Industry 4.0 in partner countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, Malta, Poland).

You can check out the English version using this link. Translated versions in the partnership languages will also be released shortly.

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